Test driving the Tesla Roadster

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I arrived at the Tesla Test Drive Event with my Audi S6 - clearly some of the finest German Engineering available today. I have always driven performance cars and loved the sound and the feel. See my article “ Why an Electric Car makes Sense”

Little did I know my world was going to be turned upside down that day.  I had heard a little about  Tesla. The main point when I wanted to see the car was not until now electric cars were always somewhat boring.

Seeing the car for the 1st time, it was clearly a Lotus that had been modified. Small. Very small. But I miss you to drive the car not to critique it size, after all this was all about the electric engine. After quick briefing I hopped in the car to start it. Ahem, no starting. Its kind of ready to go once the ignition is on. No noise. where was the familiar bubbling of my cylinders? No such thing. Weird.

I eased out of the driveway, gliding silently. At the street intersection I set the blinker and accelerated. Wow. the car effortlessly accelerated - before I knew it I was hitting 40mph. Impressive. Not a sound, only the wind and the tires.

So far so good - after a few blocks I started to get the feel for it and decided to hit the gas ahem that pedal. HOLY WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE IN. CAPS. I MEAN IT. 

I have NEVER felt such catapult-like instant, yet seemingly effortless acceleration. Instantly my world changed. It changed forever. At that moment I understood the entirely useless nature of driving a combustion engine. Electric motors are so much superior. I imagine that 100 years ago when people stepped off a horse carriage into an autombile the first time, it must have felt that way.  At that point they knew the horse carriage was done.

I have news for you, your horse carriage is done.  Surely, this car at $120,000 price tag, with only enough space to bring an anorexic girlfriend and a toothbrush on your trip, provided that you are a yoga teacher and can get in and out of it, is not what we need for everyday transportation. Not to mention the price tag. But its the principle of the electric motor. Its superior. You eliminate 95% of the parts of a car. Virtually no maintenance. 

Ok I am sold. Not on this car, but the principle. In my opinion Tesla has a long way to go in terms of building a “car”. They have proven the concept beyond a doubt. I am putting down money on a Model S. 

After the test drive I stepped back into my Audi S6. When the V10 fired I thought “ yep I’m back in the horse carriage”. Wow my world is now officially upside down.