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May 13th 2013

I invite you to participate in my dilemma. My house is off the grid, running on solar. I commute less than 30 miles per day on average. I need an electric car. Everything else seems stupid in comparison. I drove Audi, BMW and Porsche all my life, with little regard for the Japanese competition. They just didn’t cut it for me. 

Sep 7th 2012

I am a reservation holder with a pretty low number, which should get me my car no later than at the end of this year. For that I gave them $5000 of my hard earned dollars, interest free back in 2010, I think. If any other car manufacturer  had asked me to do this I would have declared them nuts, but this is clearly different. I drove the Tesla Roadster for a week back in 2010. You can read about that experience in my article “Cars will never be the same again - Test driving the Tesla Roadster”.

May 24th 2012

Ok so I am a car enthusiast by the book. I only drove German cars all my life (except my beloved 1972 Triumph TR6 which I restored in many years of tedious work). My most recent cars were the Porsche 911 C2 Cabriolet, an all time classic and as good as driving gets on a mountain road in the Alps. No speed limits are most helpful, because seriously what are you going to do with all that horse power and handling on a road in the US? Second gear will take this car to 70mph or so, well over the speed limits in this country.

May 12th 2011

I arrived at the Tesla Test Drive Event with my Audi S6 - clearly some of the finest German Engineering available today. I have always driven performance cars and loved the sound and the feel. See my article “ Why an Electric Car makes Sense”

Little did I know my world was going to be turned upside down that day. I had heard a little about  Tesla. The main point when I wanted to see the car was not until now electric cars were always somewhat boring.