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Tools for professional Installers to get consumer leads and market websites. Purchase lead packages, buy advertising on Solar365 or update your directory listing.

Lead Acquisition

Are you looking for quality leads? Tired of buying recycled lists of worthless contacts?

Try the Solar365 Lead Platform. We check & verify every lead, so you get the customers you want. Our leads come only from genuine customers who are interested in alternative energy, not from random Internet ads. Our lead algorithms analyze the probability of a lead turning into a sale and pre-sort our database so you get maximum benefit.

Try one of our lead packages and start generating real sales today!


Put your ads in front of people who are interested in the solar, not just anywhere. Our ads are served context relevant with articles, addressing 100% of your target group - your potential customers!

Directory Listing

Add your business to our Directory. Solar365 has the only comprehensive industry directory with free public access. Add your business for free, or upgrade to one of our premium listings for maximum exposure and preferential listing.


Take advantage of a dedicated platform to buy and sell your solar inventory. Find liquidations of large lots or sell your own warehouse surplus.