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test drive units they have circling. NowI am a little unsure if I am actually permitted to touch and drive it, but its seems so. The door is opened and I board the vehicle accompanied by cheers and applause from the Tesla geniuses. I will just call them that. They try so hard to be Apple, might as well.  So now I sit in it. Finally. another enthusiastic young man introduces himself as the co-pilot on my ride. Good - I was worried I would not be able to drive around the block without a copilot. Makes you wonder how they think I got there in the first place. I do have a pilot license also - maybe I should have mentioned it to up my credentials.

But ok, my copilot signals me that I should adjust my mirrors, seat, etc.- thanks again, I would have never figured that out myself. I am now cleared for departure. I drive. 

Now in all honestly the car drives well. It has a very smooth performance that only an electric engine can give you. Great pickup, low center of gravity, smooth handling. Of course I can only check the handling for about 10 minutes until I run out of circuit. The genius next to me wants to know what clubs are best in South Beach and if we really don’t have last calls here. We really don’t, genius.

So now I am directed to cruise back since my 10 minutes are up. I pull up and the other geniuses applaud as if i had just passed my dissertation.

Can I do it again? No, sorry, there’s a line. After the line the cars are gone. will they have one available at the store for test drives? Not really. But I can order the car on the Internet. Yes, I can do that with an Iphone or a MacBook Pro, but even that I can try in the store. Guys this is a CAR, and one that costs $70K+. Maybe I’m just not getting it.